• Supporting
    Supporting At Modern Medical Systems Co. we believe that our approach to maintenance services impacts positively on your day-to-day operations, and ultimately supports your people to provide high quality healthcare for your community.

  • Optimizing
    Optimizing MMS focuses on continuous improvements of our processes, services and staff. Our Service and training plans are reviewed regularly to incorporate your changing needs and ensure we are at the forefront of development in healthcare.

  • Delivering
    Delivering As an MMS customer you benefit from our experience and straightforward consulting and design services. We believe working together to customize a solution specific to your needs is critical for your facility's success now and in the future.


At Modern Medical Systems Co, we believe that our approach to total asset management impacts positively on your day-to-day operations, and ultimately supports your people to provide high quality healthcare for your community. The MMS staff experts offer training, consultation, and management assistance that will unburden your already over burdened clinical staff and allow them the time to focus on the core mission - the health and well being of the patient.

Areas of support:

Equipment Planning and Installation Assistance

Reducing your maintenance costs begins with the choices you make when planning future capital equipment purchases. The MMS staff offers you the ability to properly research and project future life cycle costs before you make that critical investment. The MMS program will assist you with asset selection, installation assistance, clinical staff training, maintenance, and the eventual disposal of the asset at its end of life.

Nursing and Clinical Education

Today's technology has become more advanced, offering considerably more diagnostic and monitoring capabilities than ever before. The MMS staff of clinical engineers offers a bridge between the technology and its clinical application to ensure your clinical staff has all of the technical assistance they need to take full advantage of your equipment investments. We offer:

Equipment specific workshops

• Equipment related safety training
• Regulatory compliance training
• End user round tables and more 

Maintenance Cost Benchmarking

As an MMS customer your program results will be compared to nationally recognized benchmarks for institutions like yours across the nation. Key performance indicators will be set in the following areas:

• Staffing Levels
• Maintenance Cost 
• Per bed 
• As a percentage of acquisition costs
• Equipment obsolescence 
• End User Satisfaction
• Equipment Utilization and more 

Regulatory Compliance Training and Audits

MMS's meticulous measurement and closed loop processes of QA audits ensure improved performance and regulatory compliance. We work with and participate in quality-oriented committees, such as Environment of Care and Safety to determine overall conformity and to identify topics which demonstrate training needs.