• Supporting
    Supporting At Modern Medical Systems Co. we believe that our approach to maintenance services impacts positively on your day-to-day operations, and ultimately supports your people to provide high quality healthcare for your community.

  • Optimizing
    Optimizing MMS focuses on continuous improvements of our processes, services and staff. Our Service and training plans are reviewed regularly to incorporate your changing needs and ensure we are at the forefront of development in healthcare.

  • Delivering
    Delivering As an MMS customer you benefit from our experience and straightforward consulting and design services. We believe working together to customize a solution specific to your needs is critical for your facility's success now and in the future.


At MMS our goal is to assist you and your team in the management of your assets from acquisition to disposition and everything in between. Many companies consider asset management the management of your maintenance budget. At MMS we offer programs that will optimize the life cycle costs and utilization of your assets, while maximizing the equipment's availability to the end user.

Equipment Utilization Services
Maximizing the utilization of your assets is key to maximizing ROI associated with your capital investment. Most of our clients are searching for a new approach to optimize the utilization of their assets and reduce the costs associated with wasted clinical time spent searching for needed equipment. At MMS we offer our clients new and innovative systems and work flows to optimize the effectiveness of your capital investments.

Workflow Improvement
The first step in any well managed utilization program is good workflow design and implementation. How equipment moves through your facility, how it is cleaned and where it is stored is critical to maximizing the utilization and availability of your assets. Our utilization experts will assist you in reviewing your current process and help you in the development and implementation of new workflows.

Real Time Location Systems (RTLS)
Real time locating systems (RTLS), will automate your asset utilization program while giving your clinical staff instant access to equipment location and availability. For the right client RTLS can; decrease or eliminate your current rental expense budget, forecast capital equipment requirements, increase staff satisfaction, reduce or eliminate equipment loss or shrinkage and reduce clinical engineering PM time. Utilization Based Equipment Rental Programs, through an affiliation with Freedom Medical, offers our customers a unique rental program that eliminates unnecessary rental expense. You will only pay for rentals if your hospital owned equipment is being utilized at or above a predetermined level. A workflow will be established to automatically terminate rental equipment when your equipment becomes available.

Clinical Engineering Program Review
The MMS Clinical Engineering Program Review process provides assessment of a hospital's or health system's Clinical Engineering department and function, whether in-house, outsourced or a combination of service providers, to review Biomedical and Imaging service programs in terms of efficiency, service quality, and cost. Methods may include an AP service payables audit, a medical equipment inventory audit, a CE Management Plan/PM program review, and interfacing with key technology clinical leaders and other stakeholders. The project output delivers recommendations to enhance program efficiency and quality while reducing program expense. Program components include:

  • Quality/Regulatory Audits
  • Medical Equipment Management Plan Development and Review
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Program Transition Support - Outsourced to In-house and In-house to Outsourced
  • Staff Education and Development
  • Management Training
  • Safety Training
  • Writing and Verbal Communication Training