The Complete Cycle of Care

Our approach to asset management continuously monitors your facility's medical equipment from acquisition to disposition. Read more...

Optimizing Your Program


Our programs  optimize the life-cycle costs and utilization of your assets, maximizing the equipment’s availability to the end user. Read more...

Delivering Expert Solutions

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Providing best-in-class medical equipment repair solutions, management, and consulting for healthcare facilities of all sizes. Read more...

Protect Your Bottom-Line With A Medical Equipment Service Strategy

As more and more healthcare systems look for newer more innovative ways to curtail spending associated with servicing of medical equipment, MMS’ Medical Equipment Service Strategy provides a systematic and strategic approach to medical equipment repair.
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Supporting Your Goals

Our staff experts offer training, consultation, and management assistance that will unburden your already over burdened clinical staff. 


Client Testimonials

Hear current customers discuss how we designed customized clinical engineering maintenance programs to fit their specific needs.

Did You Know?

Knowledge Empowers Business Concept

Proper hospital inventory management can be tricky as you know: administrators and healthcare supply chain professionals must … Read more...